Type your paragraph here.Each job usually requires garbage bags, utility bins, banker boxes and/or organization pieces.  Big jobs may require dumpsters and painting or construction touch ups. The cost of all organizational supplies, product purchases or outside services will be charged at cost to you.




*  De-clutter your home

*  Arrange items to keep, sell, donate

*  Assist with packing/unpacking

*  Organize closets, kitchen, pantry

*  Schedule and be on hand for handyman/painter, cable,       security companies


*  Clean out bedroom, linen, coat, pantry closets

*  Decide what to do with unwanted goods

*  Drop off items to resale and donation sites

*  Provide resources for closet, pantry and garage organizational    systems

Home Office

*  Create personal filing and billing system for everyday use

*  Organize storage of prior year's documents